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ATI ISA TV and Windows 2000

I Will Not Answer Any Questions You May Have About The ATI TV Setup

May 1, 2001:

For all you people who haven't been able to get your ATI TV ISA card working in Windows 2000, I hope I can give you a solution. Here are the necessary steps.

Here's what I have and how I set it up:
Hardware used

  1. Fresh install of Win2K. (I've had troubles installing it after installing later versions)
  2. Install Via 4in1 if necessary.
  3. Install the video drivers.
  4. I'm using 6.35-CD21 which seems to be the last driver that works with the TV Tuner.
    how to install
  5. Install MMC 7.0wb14 (the 2 other MMC that work are MMC7wb37 and MMC71tw03)
    (MMC7wb37 works best)

How to install older ATI drivers:

Do not run the install since some installs didnt work or installed the
wrong driver to use with the TV card.
Open your Display driver
=> Update Driver
=> Display a list of known drivers
=> Click Have Disk
=> Go to the inf file that's in a subdirectory of the driver files
=> Select Rage GL SD TV 2X or similar (TV is important).
That will install the drivers. Reboot and some other devices will install.
Point to the proper inf file as necessary.
New devices: ATI WDM BT829 Video, ATI WDM TV Audio Crossbar, ATI WDM TVTuner

Currently, the ATI 7.0 software won't work for me. ATI 7.1(TV Wonder
drivers) work, but the tv refresh and resizing is screwed up. Power VCRII
works well, though the only screen sizes are 320x240 and full screen. Audio
works fine, but audio in via the ATI-TV card isn't recognized.
You can download a demo of PowerVCRII from Cyberlink. It records well
too(MPG,MPG2) whereas I had problems recording with ATI MMC. (I can now record in MPG2)

On a side note, I tried installing the drivers and software in
MSWhistler(XP) and the software does work, but I get no screen(black
screen). I can do screen captures, but the captures are fuzzy. I figured it
was because Whistler has DirectX8 and the old ATI MMC only works with
DirectX7. I installed DirectX7, but it still didn't work.
Anyways, good luck and tell me how it turns out.

October 10, 2002:

I no longer use the ATI TV FM on my computer. Questions might not be answered.

April 9, 2000:

Good news for all you ATI-TV-FM card owners. The latest ATI Multimedia center drivers for Win2k work with the ISA card. You can download it at ATI's Special Drivers page. The latest version is w2k_mmc_70wb14.
You can't see the TV picture because the overlay capture program isn't fully supported in Win2K atitv-cap_sm.jpg

First of all, I would like to note that I am running Windows 2000 Professional RC2. The final release should have better support. I'm suprised that the RC2 version even works.


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional RC2
  • Motherboar ABIT BP6
  • Video Car ATI Rage Fury 32MB
  • TV Car Ati ISA TV-FM
  • Sound Car AOPEN AW300
  • Video Driver Date: 9/1/1999
  • Video Driver Version: 5.0.2121.1
  • Other WDM Devices:
    WDM TV Tuner
    WDM TVAudio
    WDM Video Audio Crossbar
    WDM Video Capture For AIW

I attempted to install the ATI drivers to no avail. Some problems I have:
  • Sound from Cable TV not working (though it takes the sound from the stereo input)
  • Capture doesn't work
  • Unzoom distorts signal
  • Channel Surf doesn't work
  • Screen Capture doesn't work

So, if you have Win2K RC2 lying around and a VCR that you can use that as your tuner, you can use the old ISA TV card.
It is a step in the right direction for ATI, making drivers that are backwards compatible. I should be getting the final release of Win2K soon and give you more info on that.

System Specs:

ATI Rage Fury 32MB Retail
AOpen 724 sound card
Windows 2000 Professional base and SP1

Other hardware/software used successfully:

Abit BP6
AOpen AW300 sound card
Windows 2000 Professional RC2

Removing ATI Drivers

To remove the ATI drivers, uninstall it from the Add/Remove control panel applet.

Run a search for ati*.* in the Winnt directory. Delete the files related to ATI. (warning, not all files beginning with atiare driver related files)



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