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Configure your modules with the Litestep Module Configurator

What is LiteStep?

Litestep is a shell replacement for Microsoft's Explorer. Originally, litestep was intended to give Microsoft Windows™ users the look and feel of the infamous interface of Linux, AfterStep. It is now a freeform desktop made to look as far as the imagination can take it. It was created by Francis Gastellu in late 1996 and released to the public in 1997. LiteStep is still (and may always be) under beta stage development. Francis Gastellu no longer works on the project. Instead,  the LiteStep Development Team will be making updates.

Features of Litestep:

Explorer Resemblance
Wharf button bar Start Menu
Pop Up Menus similar to AfterStep Right Click Menu
MS PLUS! Themes Support
Litestep Theme Support
MS PLUS! Themes Support
Customizable taskbar w/ system tray Taskbar w/ system tray
Support for customizing modules none (must use 3rd party apps)
Screensaver Desktop closest thing is IE4 Active Desktop
Virtual Desktops none (must use 3rd party apps)
Scripting none
HotKey support keyboard shortcut

Why use LiteStep?

  1. You are sick and tired of unexplainable crashes and hangs with Explorer.
  2. You want a faster, less memory intensive desktop.
  3. You want an extremely customizable desktop.
  4. You like screensavers and want it on your desktop.
  5. You hate Microsoft and/or Bill Gates.
  6. You love free stuff.
  7. You like trying something new and different.
  8. You were a Linux user who loves Afterstep.
  9. You are curious.

How to set up LiteStep in Windows 98 (after a fresh installation and assuming you installed Litestep to C:\Litestep):

    1. Run sysedit (it makes a back up of your *.ini files.)
    2. go to the system.ini file and change
      'shell=explorer.exe' to
      'shell=c:\litestep\litestep.exe' without the quotes.
  1. Unzip the files to c:\litestep. Remember to let it create new directories
  2. Logoff and Log back on and enjoy!

How to set up LiteStep in Windows NT/Win2K (after a fresh installation and assuming you installed Litestep to C:\Litestep):

  1. Open regedit (or regedt32)
  2. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
    Change the entry shell from explorer.exe to C:\Litestep\litestep.exe

There is another way to setup Litestep in Windows NT/Win2K which you can read here.

I recommend you use a third party shell management tool such as ShellOn or ShellLogon

Downloading Litestep

There are many different versions of Litestep. It's up to you to see what suites you best. For first time users, try LSGL, LSD4P 1.3 Beta, or Structured LS. Those are the recent releases. Also, if you are unsure if you have the MS C++, download it and extract it to your Windows System directory.

Download LiteStep

Version Info/Homepage Download
LS 3.02 Latest Litestep Installer Download
LSGL Litestep GL (includes 10 Themes) Download
LSD4P 1.3 Beta LS Distribution 4 the People Download
LSD4P 1.2 LS Distribution 4 the People Download
LS .24.5 Blue Void Download
LSNow! Litestep Now! Download
V.23E Old version for you to toy with. Download
Necessary Files
Description Download
MS C++ Library A Necessary file if you don't have it: Extract it to the Windows System directory.
Litestep Builds Origin Download

Thank you, Come Again

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